Satoshi Nakamoto, Founder of Bitcoin

Video: Satoshi Nakamoto's Vision for the Future of Bitcoin (block chain)

"My only purpose was, is, and will be to give freedom to the common man."

- Satoshi Nakamoto

When he created Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto deployed the first decentralized digital currency by introducing block chain. Not since the introduction of the internet had a technology promised a broader and more fundamental revolution.

In the decade that followed, the absence of a single ecosystem and the repeated abuse of incentives meant for the common person prevented Bitcoin and block chain from advancing Satoshi’s original vision. Satoshi has returned with Tabula Rasa, a clean-slate, three-tier method of taking Bitcoin and block chain to the next level. It’s consistent with his early work to establish trust, accountability, and transparency and create opportunity for all.

Tabula Rasa - A Three-Tier Approach

Tier 1

The creation and launch of a new native cryptocurrency called Bitcoin V1.

Tier 2

The introduction of the world’s first advanced peer-to-peer cross-industry block chain technology for 42 industries, including a suite of block chain applications.

Tier 3

The delivery of the world’s first artificial intelligence block chain operating system.

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